Property Tax Reviews, Appeals and Advocacy

One of the largest annual costs for any property owner is the payment of property taxes. Sidco Property Consulting specializes in the area of property assessment reviews and advocacy. We work to ensure that your assessment is correct and as a result you are not paying more property tax than you need to.

In British Columbia, the assessment notices will be mailed out during the first week of January with an appeal deadline of January 31. We will review your assessment and determine that you pay only your fair share of property taxes. Property assessments sent by BC Assessment should be reviewed every year, both for correctness and for an equitable treatment of taxes

We would be pleased to hear from you with any inquires you may have regarding your property tax burden, upcoming hearings or recently received Assessment Notices.

We provide consultation and advocacy services to owners and users of commercial and industrial real estate as well as all other property types. In this portion of our practice, we:

• Validate assessment data
• Verify the classification is correct
• Facilitate the assessment review period
• Pre roll consultation
• Discussions with assessor before they publish current values in January
• This is done between mid October to end of November
• Discuss and negotiate with BC Assessment in preparation for further appeal hearings.
• We conduct all negotiations with assessor
• Provide market data to assessor to ensure assessment is correct
• Act as your liaison to the assessor.

Our firm carries out real estate appraisals, consulting for a wide variety of purposes, including mortgage security, property sale/disposal and taxation disputes and is recognized and approved by domestic financial institutions.​

We do appraisals for all types of situations and uses including:

• Shopping centers,
• Development Land
• Single family or multi family land
• Commercial/ Industrial Land
• Agriculture Land​
• Rental apartment buildings,
• Retail and Office
• Industrial
• Construction financing for any type of development.
• Mixed-use projects, relating to combinations of multiple family residential/commercial and office     space.
• Comprehensive development projects which include high density, large scale and mixed use     projects.
• Divorce or Bankruptcy appraisals

We provide wide range of property consulting services including:

• Highest & Best Use analysis
• Counseling and consulting
• Expert witness testimony
• Litigation support
• Feasibility studies
• Arbitration​