Property Tax Appeals: When, How, & Why to Submit

Property taxes are a significant expense, and every property owner or commercial tenant should pay attention to their assessment as everyone has to make a fair tax contribution. A review of your assessment can dramatically change your property tax position by adjusting your tax contribution. If you see that your assessment suddenly goes up or you don’t agree with the assessment value of the property, you can appeal the assessment based on appropriate evidence.

Given that the assessment notices are published on January 1st of each year and for your appeal to be considered, you have to submit your paper work by January 31st. We have found that it is often in the owner’s best interest to engage with Sidco Property regarding your valuation.

Taking the time to analyze your annual BC Assessment Notice of Assessment is often not a priority for busy property owners even though it may be worth it. The process can be time-consuming, but if you are serious about property tax appeals, you will need to go through every step to get a resolution.

Consulting a property tax expert is an option,as Sidco Property Consultants have the knowledge and experience to review assessments properly to determine whether or not your assessment is accurate, fair and equitable. It is recommended that property assessments be reviewed every year to ensure the information is always accurate and correct.

Property taxes cannot be ignored as this is one of the highest costs for owning land in BC, and if you want to make sure your assessment is correct, Sidco Consultants can assist with this information. We specialize in property assessment reviews and advocacy, so we will make sure you are not paying more property tax than you need to and will provide you with peace of mind. If you want to work withreputable property consultants, contact us today!

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